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Prices may stay where they are, sink, or rise based on collector interest and relative available quantity. Still, there will always be speculation that the mistake was intentional. I cannot give individual coin valuations -- like I said, I am not an expert. Consequently, cracked State Quarter dies have been known to produce many thousands of coins before they are retired. Source

All State Quarters - Check all of your state quarters for errors. The degree of rotation varies from 5 to 180 degrees. Play again! Fact Check Chip Off the Old Salk Did a CDC whistleblower reveal that 'the Ebola vaccine' ...

Kansas Quarter Error

on a budget. Image courtesy of CoinPage. Fact Check European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was a Controlled Demolition Viral news stories misattributed an article written by "9/11 ... Were these varieties the result of a die cut mishap, or the work of a meddler?

  1. Hagenbraugh, Barbara. "Coin Collectors Flip, Rumors Fly After Quarters Sprout Extra Leaf." USA Today. 10 February 2005 (p.
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  3. This is the "High Leaf" variety.
  4. Last update: April 14th, 2013.
  5. All clad coinage, which includes State Quarters, start out as a coiled strip of tri-layered material (outer layers are a 75% copper, 25% nickel alloy bonded to a pure copper center
  6. The example above illustrates the effect of a slightly rotated die.
  7. Mint Mark – A mint mark is an inscription on a coin indicating the mint where the coin was produced.
  8. A person can use eBay to find a wide variety of rare state quarters and learn about the features that make these items unique.
  9. After a few thousand of the coins were found, prices cooled off, but still, a collector can expect to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay for an Uncirculated Wisconsin State Quarter
  10. Understanding magic is a path to a logical mind.

How To Check This is another simple coin to spot, put away you microscope and science kit. Here, we discuss the most common and best known types of errors on State Quarters. For some extra trivia, some say the JS stands for Josef Stalin as Roosevelt had close relations with the communist leader of Russia. Minnesota Quarter Error Image courtesy of CoinPage.

Coins Coin Myths, Trivia & Facts Fun With Coins Coin Values More Electronics & Gadgets Health & Beauty Hobbies & Crafts Home & Garden Jobs & Money Outdoor Fun Travel U.S. Extra leaf Wisconsin quarters have a leaf popping out of the left side of the corn stalk in the area immediately above the cheese wheel. He is currently seeking political asylum in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. How to Value & Sell Coins - Our guide to help you figure out how much your coins are worth, including common price guides, selling tips and online resources.

The evidence he gathered, much of it through scanning electron microscopy, led him to conclude the "error" was done intentionally. Delaware State Quarter Error Rare dime worth $350+ at higher grades. (far less for average condition coins). 1950 Dime - "S over D" error - Rare and worth $500+ for higher grades. (again, expect a How To Check These are much harder to detect as you can’t tell if a coin is uncirculated without referencing, I suggest checking quarters by searching for them online, any coins Make sure the coin is vertical, with George facing directly to the left.

State Quarter Errors

There is greater than normal distance between the letters AM in the word, AMERICA. Call Toll Free: (877) 534-5330 ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Kansas Quarter Error Nickels to look for: 1942-1945 Nickels - Most of these "War Nickels" are 35% silver. Wyoming Quarter Error If you notice Lincoln's head is silver-colored and not copper, you could get yourself $10! #5 - Ben Franklin half-dollar Mashable From 1948 until 1963, the United States mint churned out

In the August 2007 issue of The Numismatist, the official publication of the American Numismatic Association, collector Chris Pilliod, who is a metallurgist by profession, published the results of a scientific this contact form Find one with either the high or low leaf error, and you can get a whole lot more. Extra LOW Leaf! You could go from counties pennies to big bills in no time. Rare State Quarters To Look For

However, the switch only lasted one year. 5. Stories appeared in television broadcasts and general circulation print media, prompting even non-collectors to empty out their piggy banks for a second look. The majority of people in the United States and Britain are completely unaware that the pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters that they put into their pockets each day. Like the Extra Leaf High coin style, the Extra Leaf Low quarter features the same artistic design elements, but the face of the Extra Leaf Low has an additional cornstalk leaf

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Melting down pennies and nickels is a federal offense, but the coin might still fetch you enough for a decent lunch, if it's in good condition. 4. 1943 steel penny Value:

Mint Office of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. Usually small, the raised lines are formed when coin planchet metal flows into the open cracks at the time of striking. You never know what a coin might amount to.Image: Flickr, Quinn Dombrowski By Sylvan Lane2014-08-25 10:06:49 UTC Take a closer look before you dump that handful of pennies and nickels into Connecticut Quarter Error which are worth money?

The U.S. High magnification revealed metal flow evidence consistent with theory, while eliminating other possible causes. Value: About 25 cents each. 1995 Penny Doubled Die - On Obverse. People in possession of this coin will be able to unload for considerably more than its face value.

More info and images: Can be found here. Though you may luck out and find one worth $100-200. LIBERTY is doubled. When mass media headlines scream "Hidden Treasure in Your Pocket Change?", small wonder that word of the Wisconsin State Quarter error has made its way into everyday conversation.

For more info and images see: this page about the error quarters and Ken Potter's page detailing many varieties of these error coins. American state quarters are available in a wide variety of styles, and many of the designs incorporate images that feature elements, such as animals or flowers, that symbolize the states. The table below is to help collectors identify specific types of state quarter error coins. Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Categories Economy Blog Posts (1) Money Related Blog Posts (3) Personal / Internet (1) News | Blog | Glossary | Privacy Policy

You’ll have struck gold (well silver) if you find a Silver Half Dollar dated before 1964 as they are 90% silver. If you see any errors then you’re in possession of an extremely precious coin, which can fetch up to $3000. 8. 1995 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent - $20 and $50