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As we pointed out earlier, your application should be ready to encounter any error at any time. You could also try to resolve another hostname you know should work, to check that the name resolution server application is running. Initially, all the participating developers resisted the shortening of the name to Winsock for a long time, since there was much confusion among users between the API and the DLL library However, some WinSocks fail with WSAEINVAL you call connect.

There may be a network problem occured, either temporary, short period, etc., but certainly affects Kana Dynamic IP Updater during its process of updating or checking IP address. If you used a hostname, did it resolve to the correct address? This is not a temporary error. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

Socket Error 10038

Assuming you have a name server configured instead of or as well as a host table, a hostname resolution request causes a WinSock DLL to send a DNS "A" record query User suggestions: There are a number of things to check, that might help to identify why the failure occurred. SO_DEBUG, SO_DONTROUTE, SO_RCVBUF, SO_SNDBUF, TCP_NODELAY: optional socket options. WSAENETDOWN (10050) Network is down A socket operation encountered a dead network.

  • The occurrence of an unlisted error can provide extra detail.
  • With datastream sockets, don't call connect() more than once (use select() or WSAAsyncSelect() to detect connection completion).
  • For example, the ARPA Internet UDP protocol cannot be specified with a socket type of SOCK_STREAM.
  • The values for WSANO_DATA and WSANO_ADDRESS (11004) are duplicates, so we don't count one of them.
  • The v1.1 specification also lists connect(), although it does not allocate a descriptor.
  • Specifically, these error-less functions are the byte order functions ( htonl(), htons(), ntohl(), and ntohs()), the address manipulation functions (inet_addr(), and inet_ntoa), WSAGetLastError() and WSAIsBlocking().
  • WinSock functions: WSAENETDOWN (10050) Network is down.
  • The Windows Sockets API was proposed by Martin Hall of JSB Software (later Stardust Technologies) in a BoF (Birds of a Feather) discussion on the CompuServe BBS network in October 1991.
  • WSA_QOS_EUNKOWNPSOBJ 11024 Unrecognized QoS object.

Note: Although connect() and FD_CONNECT also have this error listed, the documentation specifically states that WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL is appropriate if INADDR_ANY is passed as a destination address. Kana Dynamic IP Updater may be not recognized as a software in automatic allow list, so the block rule is automatically created. See other suggestions under WSAECONNABORTED. Windows Socket Error Windows 10 The WinSock description and TCP/IP scenario contain detailed descriptions of the errors, which also describe possible cause and imply a possible remedy.

SO_ACCEPTCONN, SO_ERROR, SO_TYPE: are read-only options, so they work with getsockopt(), but not with setsockopt() Developer suggestions: Check the parameters. Socket Error Codes Linux It would also timeout if a (FIN)ish TCP packet is not ACK'd (and even if the FIN is ACK'd, it will eventually timeout if a FIN is not returned). WinSock functions: socket() See also: WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT WSAEPROTOTYPE (10041) Protocol wrong type for socket. dig this WSA_QOS_POLICY_FAILURE 11011 QoS policy failure.

WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. Socket Error 10053 The tray icon should return to normal icon. a second time (or subsequent) on a non-blocking socket.WSAENOTSOCK (10038) Socket operation on non-socket An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host—that is, one with no server application running.

Socket Error Codes Linux

a long zero) in the sockaddr_in structure passed to sendto(). over here after the first failed with WSAEWOULDBLOCK). Socket Error 10038 Developer suggestions: for protocols and services consider using a hard-coded value for the protocol number or service port number in case your resolution attempt fails, and you can have your cake Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer TCP/IP scenario: In BSD-compatible implementations, the local network system generates this error if there isn't a default route configured.

WinSock functions: WSAEACCES (10013) Permission denied. Check This Out Your name Your name Email address Email address Your comment Your comment Read Comments No comment yet Comment feed No comments yet. We suggest local configuration changes that might remedy the problem, and network and server conditions that might be the cause. Other implementations[edit] Among the other vendors offering Winsock-compliant TCP/IP and UDP/IP stacks were (alphabetically) 3Com, Beame & Whiteside, DEC, Distinct, FTP Software, Frontier, IBM, Microdyne, NetManage, Novell, Sun Microsystems and Trumpet Winsock Error 10054 Fix

WSASend() for sending data on a connected socket. See WSASYSNOTREADY for details. Chances are the network subsystem is misconfigured or inactive. Winsock description: The Windows Sockets definition of this error is very different from Berkeley Sockets.

However, the WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT is another possible equivalent for WinSock to use in place of this error. Socket Error 10049 WSAStartup may fail with this error if the limit has been reached.WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT (10043)Protocol not supported.The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists. For this reason, Windows Sockets included a number of elements which were designed to facilitate porting.

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An object with an invalid ObjectLength field was specified in the QoS provider-specific buffer. WSAEINVALIDPROVIDER 10105 Service provider is invalid. connect(), send(), recv(), et cetera). Socket Error 11004 However, because a BSD socket is equivalent to a file handle, some Windows Sockets platforms provide some file handle and socket equivalency.

WSA_QOS_EPSFILTERSPEC 11028 Invalid QoS provider-specific filterspec. Every error description contains at least: Summary Info: Error macro: manifest constant, as defined in WINSOCK.H Error value: as defined in v1.1 WINSOCK.H Short description Berkeley description: text describing the equivalent The QoS request was rejected because the policy system couldn't allocate the requested resource within the existing policy. WSA_OPERATION_ABORTED 995 Overlapped operation aborted.

The system detected an invalid pointer address in attempting to use a pointer argument of a call. The WSAEAFNOSUPPORT is the likely substitute error for this in WinSock, although its Berkeley meaning is slightly different. Note that this error is returned by the operating system, so the error number may change in future releases of Windows. WSA_QOS_EFLOWDESC 11026 Invalid QoS flow descriptor.

WinSock description: Similar to Berkeley. If the error is still occured although your network is working, then look at the firewall. Each implementation may have a maximum number of socket handles available, either globally, per process or per thread.WSAEMSGSIZE (10040)Message too long.A message sent on a datagram socket was larger than the WSAGetLastError() and WSAIsBlocking() cannot fail.

The service cannot be found in the specified name space. In previous versions of Windows, removing a buggy LSP could result in corruption of the Winsock catalog in the registry, potentially resulting in a loss of all network connectivity. In the end, it was decided that the specification would simply be copyrighted by the five authors as (unaffiliated) individuals. Most vendors only delivered TCP/IP support, although Winsock from DEC included DECNet support as well.

Applications that use WSAGetOverlappedResult (with the fWait flag set to FALSE) in a polling mode to determine when an overlapped operation has completed, get this error code until the operation is WinSock functions: connect(), sendto(), FD_CONNECT WSAEDQUOT (10069) Disc quota exceeded. For WinSock, this error is equivalent to Berkeley's EHOSTUNREACH error, the catch-all error for unreachable hosts. "You can't get there from here." TCP/IP scenario: The local network system could generate this