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To import a disk group, select item 7 (Enable access to (import) a disk group). Veritas Volume Manager 3.1.1 Administrator's Guide. SUN Solaris & SUN Hardware Techniques in small words Skip to content HomeAbout ← Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris 11Comparison Generating Certificate for iLOM andXSCF → Adding standard(non-cloned-disk) to VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group : import failed: No valid disk found containing disk group. (SR: QXCR1001238976) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2705101 (2216951) The vxconfigd daemon core dumps in the this contact form

For each disk, the command also shows the vxdg command that you must run to select the configuration database copy on that disk as being the definitive copy to use for If the snapshot volumes are to be moved to a different disk group, the administrator must ensure that the disks containing the DCO plexes can accompany them.Establishing a Snapshot MirrorThe next But the paths going through another port are also marked as SUSPECT. (SR: QXCR1001239331) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2747340 (2739709) While rebuilding Disk Groups (DG), the maker file generated by the vxprint(1M) I have here a small Sun Fire V100 with 2GB running - perfect for...

Change this value to your own VM disk. This command option is available only if a Storage Foundationlicense has been installed; the normal VxVM license key is not enough tounlock this new functionality.DLE should only be performed on arrays Once all of the disk groups have been imported, don't forget to rename to volumes back to their original names. LDAP for Solaris 10 With this article I want you to show how to set up OpenLDAP for Solaris 10.

Resolution: The code is modified to display error and usage message when the incorrect syntax is used. (SR: QXCR1001239022) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2442827 (2149922) During DG import or deport, appropriate success Once the links have been created on the new server, make sure that they point to the correct volumes. Recovering from any of the mentioned disasters is a simple process that takes minutes, requires no special backup infrastructure resources, and adds further to the value of the solution.Veritas Flashsnap is Please follow the vxdg (1M) man page.

Developers all over the world collaborate on the same projects and access the same resources that must be 100% available during the business hours of their respective time zones. While the CVM join is hung in the user layer(also called as vxconfigd level join), on the CVM MASTER node, 'vxconfigd(1M)' (Volume Manager Configuration daemon) does not respond to any Veritas The DBA can unload the data to a transportable file format and recreate the database from scratch on the destination system. This step is necessary, because we must create new disk groups in which to store our new volumes.

We can now see them using:# vxdisk listDEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUSc0t0d0s2 auto:sliced rootdisk rootdg onlinec1t41d2s2 auto:sliced - - onlinec1t41d3s2 auto:sliced - - onlinec1t41d4s2 auto:sliced - - online udid_mismatchc1t41d5s2 auto:sliced - Resolution: The code is modified to restrict re-onlining to those LUNs/disks that belong to the dg that is being destroyed or deported. Before the migration can begin, the DBA must determine the feasibility of the migration, since not all migrations can be performed with Veritas Volume Manager. No Yes How can we make this article more helpful?

But the command does not maintain the specified disk order. I'll demonstrate this last method, using Veritas Volume Manager, to quickly and reliably migrate a database.VxVM Migration PrerequisitesVeritas Volume Manager, available for most Unix platforms, has become the de facto LVM I'll present a ksh function to correct this problem.Deporting the Disk GroupsWhen all of the mirrors have been successfully split, the next step is to delete the newly created volumes. Backup times were reaching 7-8 hours with the bottleneck caused by the sheer amount of files and data.

This may lead the vxconfigd(1M) daemon to dump core or trigger a system panic. (SR: QXCR1001170372 ) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2483476(2491091) The vxdisksetup(1M) command fails on disks which have stale Extensible weblink nm fixed kiran-d Level 2 ‎10-30-2013 08:28 PM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content nm fixed with This is explained in TECH196717.   *** Error when adding disk to DG:# /usr/sbin/vxdg -g oradg adddisk 002oradg=emc2_0fe5VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-0 Disk Group oradg has only cloned disks and tyring to and this format type is not suitable for root disk. (Cross-platform Data Sharing format)none type is unformatted.

  • Note that function not only breaks the mirrors, but that it also creates new volumes (the volume names are appended by a "_d2″ to avoid conflicting with the existing volumes) from
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  • It may not be as efficient for migrating smaller databases, since there are many steps to perform, but it is well worth the effort if you have a very large database
  • VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2349 Device disk_1 appears to be owned by disk group dg1. [[email protected] ~]# vxdg list NAME STATE ID dg0
  • It also starts volumes in the disk group. ^Return to Top Unix Administration About me I am Santosh Chalwad, a Sr.
  • Thursday, December 5, 2013 VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group : import failed: Disk group has no valid configuration copies Issue Diskgroups will experience intermittent import failures if they contain a
  • If you use vxdiskadm to remove a disk, you can choose to move volumes off that disk.
  • Using the -k option allows you to remove the disk even if subdisks are present.

This can not be set as a valid format.When you move data from older versions to newer one and if you have ivc-snap or metromirror technology to replicate data on a VOX : Business Continuity : Storage Foundation : Unable to add a new disk to an existing disk group... Also, data protection is a top priority that presents system and backup engineers with the question of how to effectively ensure data protection and availability in case of a disaster and, da id is 0.1, while dm id is 0.0 for DM VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-587 Disk group : import failed: Serial Split Brain detected.

For example, after importing a DG which has four disks, two of the disks from the imported DG are cloned disks and the other two are original disks. (SR: QXCR1001217554) SYMANTEC Nagiosgraph allows you to add very nice graph... This leads to data corruption.

As a part of this, vxconfigd loses its license information and the following error is seen in the system log: "License has expired or is not available for operation" (SR :

NOTICE: VxVM vxio V-5-3-672 abort_joinp: aborting joinp for node 1 with err 11 V-5-1-12144 CVM_VOLD_JOINOVER command received with error (SR: QXCR1001154454) SYMANTEC Incident Number:2276958 (2205108) On Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) 5.1SP1 Interwoven Teamsite's key features are content management and services, code and media versioning, collaboration and parallel development, branching of projects, transactional content deployment, etc. option fails on a disk with VxVM cdsdisk/simple/sliced layout with the following message: VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-8643 Device emc_clariion0_30: resize failed: New geometry makes partition unaligned (SR: QXCR1001217530) SYMANTEC Incident Number: In this example, the following command imports the disk group using the configuration copy from d2:# /usr/sbin/vxdg -o selectcp=1092974302.22.gopal import dgD280silo1Once the disk group has been imported, Volume Manager resets the

Later I have rename in the file app_vol in app_voltransfer and app_vol-03 in app_voltransfer-03.3) Destroy new plex app_vol-03 and# vxplex dis app_vol-03# vxedit -rf rm app_vol-034) Create new framework for the For example: # cat /etc/vx/darecs ibm_ds8x000_02eb auto online format=cdsdisk,privoffset=256,pubslice=2,privslice=2 ibm_ds8x000_02ec auto online format=cdsdisk,privoffset=256,pubslice=2,privslice=2 # vxdmpadm setattr enclosure ibm_ds8x000 name=new_ibm_ds8x000 # vxdisk -o alldgs list DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUS ibm_ds8x000_02eb auto:cdsdisk Given that Veritas Volume Manager was already installed and active on the machine, using its built-in volume snapshot features seemed natural. his comment is here You must use the ‘updateid' flag as well, because we need tovalidate these disks, and make sure that they are no longer mismatchedwith regards to their UDID.

samba and linux CLI - status, stop and start how to lookup an SMTP address example of an fsck of a vxfs filesystem running fsck on a vxfs filesystem When a Also having exposure on VXVM, Clustering, Virtualization etc.,. After you've created the new disk groups with the restored volumes, all that's left is to deport the new disk groups to the new server:vxdg -n deport example: vxdg -n idsdg1 The following pattern is found in the data region of the disk: cyl alt 2 hd sec (SR: QXCR1001170298 ) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2253269(2263317) The vxdg(1M) man

mhvtl - Virtual Tape Library A few days ago I discovered a pretty cool software for creating a virtual tape library. Sometimes they are done for increased performance. I've commented out the VxVM commands to protect you from accidentally running this function without understanding what's really going on. The license enables the use of the FastResync and Dynamic Split and Join features of Veritas Volume Manager.