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Win98 Shutdown Reboot Error


The Table of Contents is split into two sections. New software and hardware can cause conflicts with your existing configuration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When your computer shipped from Dell it was tested for hardware and software problems, and it did not have This causes all input processing operations to stop, precluding any windows from responding, and causing MSGSRV32 to hang. You do not have to re-load Windows.The next test.Copy your MsDos Prompt to your desktop.

To re-enable your mouse, use the following keyboard commands: Press CTL+ESC to activate your Start Menu. Steps Method 1 Checking Your Computer in Safe Mode 1 Try to shut down or restart the computer from safe mode Safe mode serves as a diagnostic mode which is designed You should understand that system hang-ups at shut down are simply an annoyance, not anything serious. The command lines for each are in the forum.

Windows 98 Shutdown Patch

Download and install the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement at this URL: You can also access this information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base at Go to the Search In addition, the Fast Shutdown code which was implemented with the initial release of Windows 98 has been removed to support these new features. Thirteen Step: USE BOOTLOG.TXT TO IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM If Windows still hangs during the shutdown process, create a BOOTLOG.TXT file by restarting the computer, bringing up the Boot Menu, and selecting When this setting is set to "Network Server" the computer can have problems 'dumping the cache'.

  • Programs running in the background can cause many Windows problems including slowness. 3w.
  • MSGSRV32.EXE caused a general protection fault in module CM8330SB.DRV EXPLORER caused a general protection fault in module CM8330SB.DRV IEXPLORE caused a general protection fault in module CM8330.DRV Win95, Win98If your computer
  • Mark all the check boxes, click OK, click Close and click Yes.
  • When the problem recurs you have found the source of your trouble.

After your computer restarts, test Windows shutdown. If you click to clear the Use IRQ Steering check box, then BIOS programs dictate IRQ steering. Then I found that my computer would not let me use the Shutdown/Restart in MSDOS mode option any longer. Windows 98 Shutting Down I then proceeded to re-format my hard and re-load Windows with a fresh install.

It left part of Disk Manager in the master boot record.Finally, I had to use Disk Manager to remove it's self.Everything was back to normal then.If Fdisk/MBR don't work, you will Windows 98 Se Shutdown Supplement Reboot, then test Windows shutdown. Click the Enable Power Management check box to clear it. Microsoft Patch and Added Network Cards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have added a Network Interface Card (NIC) to access cable modem services or a home networking system, and removing the card and

Flag as duplicate Thanks! Safe Mode can reboot the PC with a minimal set of device drivers and services to start Windows before the problem has been solve. 2 Reboot PC from Safe Mode. The update is only to the install & uninstall .INF file, apparently a file was not copied during install which affected a small number of users. New software and hardware can cause conflicts with your existing configuration. 2w.

Windows 98 Se Shutdown Supplement

To begin with, you will lose any work you have not yet saved to the hard drive. You might also be having problems because of software that is running in the background so try using MSCONFIG as illustrated in step 2w . Windows 98 Shutdown Patch Users have reported that the number can be much lower than this. Windows 98 Fast Shutdown For information about this issue, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q231666 Anti-virus Causes Computer to Stop Responding When You Shut Down

Do the same for added hardware and drivers. have a peek at these guys To determine which device driver or device is causing the problem, go back into Device Manager. Seventh Step: RULE OUT WIN.INI COMMAND LINE PROBLEMS Launch SYSEDIT. Fifteenth Step: OTHER SOLUTIONS ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE PROBLEMS If your anti-virus software is set to scan your floppy drives on shutdown, this can result in various symptoms including the computer hanging on Windows 98 Shutdown Command

Click the [Start] button, click Run, and then type regedit in the Open box and click [OK] to open the Registry Editor. 2. If Windows does not hang, one of the disabled program entries may be to blame. On the Device Manager tab, click System Devices. check over here MAPPED NETWORK DRIVE PROBLEMS When you shut down Windows 95 or 98 with a significant number of mapped network drives, the computer may stop responding.

After you remove the device from the current hardware profile and restart Windows, the drivers associated with the device are removed from memory and the shutdown problem does not occur. Windows is shutting down -OR- It's now safe to turn off your computer A fix is available from microsoft at the above link. "Hard Drive" might be causing problem Pick a date for the restoration that is prior to the start of your problem.

Microsoft has a supported fix for this, available in Knowledge Base article 233322.

On the General tab, click Advanced. Be patient and don't panic (like i do)lol...take it one step at a time.[text was edited by author 2001-04-13 23:20:19] · actions · 2001-Apr-13 11:07 pm · Spirit777join:2001-04-11Huntington Beach, CA

Spirit777 Restart your computer. Restart your computer.

This makes sense, given their usual relation to device driver problems, because Windows ME, at this late date, is still plagued by hardware manufacturers' failure or refusal to provide proper drivers For some the routine just doesn't work, for others a shutdown result in a reboot. To access these documents go to: Click on and then pick the region you are in. this content Click Tools| Internet Options at the top of the MSIE window.

At the end of the ROM BIOS bootstrap routine, the BIOS reads and executes the first physical sector of the first floppy or hard disk on the system.