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On some of the variant coins, an extra leaf on the ear is turned up; on others, the leaf is noticeably fatter than its siblings and points downward. I've also been studying meteorology and watching weather patterns for years. on October 12, 2005 @ 11:09 AM #

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Image 1999-2008 COMPLETE SET OF STATE QUARTERS (50 uncirculated) nice! $24.99 Buy It Now Q10-Q59 COMPLETE SET STATE QUARTERS FIRST DAY P&D COIN COVERS SEALED ENEVELOPES Image Q10-Q59 COMPLETE SET STATE High Grade Mint Error Variety! 8319 Image 2004-D Wisconsin Quarter! Usually small, the raised lines are formed when coin planchet metal flows into the open cracks at the time of striking. Coin Guide > Hobbies & Crafts > Coin Myths, Trivia & Facts > Wisconsin Error Quarters In Circulation… Look For The Extra Leaf!

Kansas Quarter Error

Image courtesy of CoinPage. For some reason, if the collar die is prevented from being in the correct position during the striking action, the metal flow extrudes beyond the perimeter of the die, resulting in The low leaf variety has what appears to be an arched leaf that links from the corn stalk down to the left, touching the wheel of cheese. Perhaps.

  • The 50 State Quarters series ran from 1999 until 2008, with special designs representing each state.
  • Collecting fever ran high for the first few issues of these new coins, but as the years passed the demand for the annual offering of five new state's quarters has dropped
  • I've seen other gouges coming out of the cows head, his nose, one even looked like claw marks going across his face...I could go on and on...I think this whole thing
  • Generally, these errors result when manufacturing grease or other debris is packed into the a recessed area of a die.
  • Simply put, they don't look like they fit into the design because they don't.
  • It is not connected to the ear of corn at all until its apex ends abruptly at a leaf from the corn stalk (stalk unseen below and behind the cheese).

Some collectors and dealers began offering hundreds of dollars for a Wisconsin State Quarter error coin. After a few thousand of the coins were found, prices cooled off, but still, a collector can expect to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay for an Uncirculated Wisconsin State Quarter This refers to a coin that is missing lettering, numeral, or a portion of the design. 2004 P Wisconsin Quarter Value Wisconsin's quarter came out in 2004; the reverse design features a cow, a wheel of cheese and a partially husked ear of corn lurking in the back.

However, the switch only lasted one year. 5. These dies were placed briefly into production and removed and destroyed. one has the "smoke" by washington's nose. Mint errors are usually caught by the U.S.

Years from now, will anyone be excited about owning a Wisconsin extra leaf variety? 1848 Wisconsin Quarter Value Had only one of these varieties occurred I might be slightly more agreeable to believing that this was a random die filing scratching a die, but the fact that 2 completely The article I cited has a very detailed picture of the coin. I sent it in anyway to be polished in an attempt to refresh it and had some sample rounds struck..

State Quarter Errors

The coins represent nothing but trivial die gouges (or possibly the closely related die dent type of die damage). The malformed broadstrike example shown at left is capable of bringing over $100. Kansas Quarter Error I have found what looks to be teeth marks all over the cheese, on the cows nose and head, and even on Washington on the front of the coin, on one Minnesota Quarter Error By no means is this an exhaustive goof list, but it represents the most commonly talked about State Quarter errors.

Above are three examples of lines created by a small crack in the coining die. this contact form Tags: 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf High Quarter 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf Low Quarter 2005-P Minnesota Doubled-die Extra Tree Quarter 2005-P Kansas Die-break Reverse Quarter 1999-P Oregon Rotated-die Error Quarter Have something Still, a second or third master from an epoxy should be the same as the first. Prices may stay where they are, sink, or rise based on collector interest and relative available quantity. Wisconsin Quarter Rare

The raised characteristic of the leaves -- whether up or down -- lends credence to the theory that this is not an acccidental gouge, scratch, etc. » by Christine Brown on None of the other state quarters that you may find in yourcollector's album have any mistakes or variations on them to date. These special rolls also only were in the earliest shipment of Wisconsin Denver Mint quarters that luckily turned up primarily here in Tucson. have a peek here thanks!

Of course, these prices will most certainly fluctuate. 2004 Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf Ebay Every off-centered coin is different: the percent off-center and position of strike are the variables. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old.

The types of errors on State Quarters range from minor to big-time screw-ups.

Share February 24, 2015 Coin collectors appreciate rare coins because they may increase in value and can be an excellent investment. on April 25, 2005 @ 01:41 PM # I WAS TOLD THAT THE MARK WAS A CHECK MARK ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE CORN, I HAVE ONE AND IT IS So how did our hypothetical vending machine customer above get stuck with a blank? 2004-d Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf Low — $130 And Up The basis for this theory is that it seems too coincidental that two random dies (i.e.

Coincidental? Near the crescendo of the frenzy, certain individual coins were selling for as high as $1500. Feedback Facebook - Twitter @ Email Fact Check Israel Just Banned Heinz Ketchup Israel didn't ban the sale of Heinz brand ketchup; the ... Check This Out Back To The Top of Page Rotated Die Error Not long after the first State Quarters were released in 1999, a few of them were classified as error coins due to

State Quarters with large, easily visible cracks carry more value than quarters with less obvious cracking. It would have cost too much money to try and weed out the error quarters from the regular quarters. So what was the cause for this error coin? Second, there is not a shred of evidence that suggests they got there through some deliberate action.

There is no exact word on how the extra leaf actually got on the coin. Most Wisconsin quarters have no leaf that low on the left side of the stalk. This discovery should not have surprised anyone, as many examples of this error have occurred throughout U.S.